Dr. Daniel Jinnefält – Curriculum Vitae


In 1995 I founded MediTec International FairLife Group promoting health business mediation and technology transfer in the international arena creating environmental and health development for real progress and FairLife to people globally.

In 1999 I entered Lund University completing three degrees; a Master of Science in Environmental Science, a Bachelor of Social Science in International Development and a Bachelor of Science in GeoScience, in 5 years, in Sweden, Australia and Africa. In 2023 I completed my Doctorate in Business Administration at Ananehim University California, addressing social, technical, legal and financial factors of development and business implementation on a regional and global basis.

In 2005, I was consulting within international development as Project Manager at NIRAS/Scanagri, managing SIDA/EU projects and later this same year I accepted the position of Program Director at HHDF Zambia where I stayed on until December 2010.

MediTec Group has since 2010 intensified its activities within Pharmaceutical/Nutraceutical innovation and production in Sweden and in Kenya, and we are extending this venture to other parts globally. The AquaCare water purification division is working on autonomous water systems in Zambia.  

We have activities in the EU, North and South America, the Middle East, and Asia plus we twin the activities in our African subsidiary companies in Kenya and Zambia with our MediTec corporate social responsibility through the FairLife Foundation.


MediTec International FairLife Group

 2010 – Chief Executive Officer at MediTec Group

 Pres    Mediation in Technology, Innovation, Manufacturing, and Global Trade.

 2021  MediTec Group inaugurated MediTec Europa FairLife Limited, EU

 2020   MediTec Group inaugurated MediTec Britannia FairLife Limited, UK

 2019   MediTec Group inaugurated MediTec Zambia FairLife Limited, Zambia

 2018   MediTec Group inaugurated MediTec International FairLife Group DMCC, UAE

 2012   MediTec Group acquired FairLife Company, Sweden

 2010   MediTec Group inaugurated MediTec EA FairLife Limited, Kenya

Human Health Development Foundation Zambia

 2005 – Program Director, International Development; HHDF Zambia.

 2010   Managing Gender Equality, Water Sanitation/Hygiene, and Agricultural Development Program. 

 Ref     Recommendation and Reference 1st Lady of the Republic of Zambia Mentor of HHDF Zambia.

            Recommendation and Reference Chairman Prince Bodika Shawa HHDF Zambia.

NIRAS/Scanagri Sweden

 2005  Project Manager, International Development; NIRAS/Scanagri Sweden.

            Managing the SIDA Environmental Education Program and SIDA/EU Tenders, Sweden.   

 Ref     Recommendation and Reference CEO Per Arenö Scanagri/NIRAS Sweden.

Lund University Scientific Faculty

 2000 –  Ambassador Coordinator; Lund University; Administration Management of Sci. Faculty.                      

 2005    Management and SACO Administrative Coordinator and Exhibition General, Sweden.    

 Ref       Recommendation and Reference Communication Manager Bo Wallen Lund University. English 

              Recommendation och Reference Informationsansvarig Bo Wallen Lund University. Swedish   

FairLife Company

 1994 –  Founder and Director

 2000    Health Development and Sustainable Trade 

Avenue Modeller

 1989 –  International Modeling; Avenue Modeller, Sweden.   

 1993    Stockholm Sweden; Vienna, Austria; Madrid, Spain and Athens, Greece.             

 Ref       Reference CEO Avenue Modeller Sweden.    

Hotel Rubinen

 1988 –  Restaurant Manager; George de Wahl, Gothenburg, Sweden.                                                             

 1989    Manager Night Reception; Hotel Rubinen, Gothenburg, Sweden.

 Ref       Reference by Head of Reception Hotel Rubinen, Sweden.

Swedish Navy

 1987 –  Commanding Officer at Swedish Navy – Marine Military Service. 

 1988    Karlskrona, Sweden.


University Degrees

 Doctor of Economics – International Business Administration

 2023     Transcript – Anaheim University, USA

 2023     Doctorate Thesis – Anaheim University, USA


 Masters of Science – Environmental Science                                                                           

 2004    Transcript – Lund University, Sweden     

 2004     Masters Thesis – Lund University, Sweden     


 Bachelor of Science – GeoScience                                                                                                                                                                                                                

 2002     Transcript – University of Western Australia, Australia                                                                                                       

 2001     Transcript – Gotland University, Sweden                                                                                                                          

 2001     Transcript – Kristianstad Technical University, Sweden


 Bachelor of Science – Social Development Science                                                            

 2004    Transcript – Lund University, Sweden                                                                                                                              

 2003    Transcript – Umeå University, Sweden                                                                                                                           

 2002    Transcript – Uppsala University, Sweden                                                                                                                        

 1993    Transcript – Gothenburg University, Sweden         

Bachelor Thesis – Lund University, Sweden    

 2005    The Equal Opportunities Ombudsman’s Honorary Mention                                                                             

 2005    Jämställdhets Ombudsmannens Hedersomnämnande     

Spanish Studies

 1999    Malaco Instituto, Malaga, Spain                                                                                                                    

 1999    CLIC, Sevilla, Spain                                                                                                                                     

 1998    American British Collage, Barcelona, Spain                                                                                         

Health Studies

 1994   Courses in Anatomy, Physiology, Medicine, Physiotherapy, and Nutrition


Lund University Nature Scientific Faculty Committee

 2004 –  Member of the Nature Scientific Faculty Committee of undergraduate studies                                           

 2005    Lund University, Sweden 

LUCSUS – Lund University Committee of Sustainable Science

 2002 –  Member of the Board of LUCSUS – Lund University Center for Sustainability Studies                         

 2005    Lund University, Sweden   

 The Committee of Trustees of the Masters of Science Education

 2001 –  Member of the Committee of Trustees of the Masters of Science Education                                             

 2002    Lund University, Sweden 

 The Nations University Committee of Environment

 2000 –  Chairman of the Nations University Committee of Environment                                                             

 2002    Lund University, Sweden

 The Committee of Swedish Ecodemics

 2001    Member of the Board and International Committee of Swedish Ecodemics, Sweden 

 Trusted Representative at UN CSD 9, New York, USA

 2001    Representative at the UN International Commission of Sustainable Development                                         

 Trusted Representative at UN COP 6, The Hague, Holland

 2000    Representative at the UN International Congress of Climate Change                                                      

 The Swedish Health Organisation

 1995 –  Member of the Board of the Swedish Health Organisation, Stockholm, Sweden                                       

 1996    Trusted Representative at European Congress of Health Organization






















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